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Yoga $240 - 15 weeks
-- Twice Weekly $450 - 15 weeks
1st class is $16/class; 2nd class is $14/class

One-hour class $210 - 15 weeks
Teens $192 - 12 weeks
Kids $140 - 10 weeks
Yoga classes for registered students $16
Yoga classes for unregistered students $20
One-hour class for registered students $14
One-hour class for unregistered students $16
Kids $15
Class packages are for three, seven, or ten classes, and will expire after five, ten, or fourteen weeks from date of purchase respectively. These classes will be treated as drop-in classes, and all drop-in class policies will apply.

To use a class in your package, check-in at the front desk and get a receipt to take to the instructor of your class. Packages may be purchased online, by phone, or at our front desk.

Number of Classes Expiration Cost
3 classes

5 weeks


7 classes

10 weeks $126
10 classes

14 weeks $180

**HAYC does not confirm registrations. You will be contacted only if the class you select is full. By registering for a class, you agree to adhere to the policies stated on this page.
Register for classes and workshops online, in person, or by mail, or phone. Online registration is in real time, is the quickest way to register, and is the best way to ensure a space in your desired class. To register by mail, or in person, fill out a registration form and enclose full payment. Phone registrations are accepted with Visa or MasterCard.

Sign up online or fill out a registration form and enclose payment in full. There is a $5 cancellation fee per workshop. You must cancel at least 7 days prior to the workshop in order to receive a refund unless your spot can be filled from our waiting list.

All registrations are subject to space availability. If a class is full, ask to be added to our waiting list. If a space becomes available, you will be called.

Late registrations can be accepted on a pro-rated basis, space permitting. Only students with yoga experience are accepted after the third week of the session.

To cancel your class or workshop, a drop request must be submitted online or a cancellation form must be filled out at HAYC. Refunds are based on the date of the online submission or the cancellation form, not on the date of the last class attended.

REFUNDS are given according to the following schedule. Until the second class: 100% refund minus the $45 administrative fee, $35 for the one-hour class. After the second class, 70% refund of the class fee; after the third class, 60% of the class fee; after the fourth class, 30% of the class fee. No refunds are given after the fifth class. Refunds are processed in the sixth week of the term. Class fees cannot be transferred to another session.

SHORT COURSES and KIDS REFUNDS are given according to the following schedule. After the first class: 100% refund minus a $25 fee. After the second class, a 100% refund minus a $40 fee. No refunds after the third class of the course.

is an opportunity for students new to our yoga center to take a trial class. Please call ahead to ensure space is available. Since our classes are taught progressively, students new to yoga are not permitted to try out a class after the third week of the session. Experienced students may take a trial class at any point during the session.
For information on Trial Classes, click here

If the door to your room is closed, the class has already begun. Please wait to enter until the teacher motions to you after the class finishes centering.

We strongly encourage students in our regular classes and short courses to get the full
experience of their course by making up any classes missed. Classes cancelled due to inclement weather may be made up during the session. Missed classes can only
be made up during the current session at the same level or lower. There is no need to call ahead to take a makeup class, just come to any appropriate level class and
give the instructor your name and regular class. Teen students can make up in Yoga 1 classes if this is their first session of Teens Yoga or in Yoga 2 classes if they have taken more than one Teens Yoga class. Students taking short courses may make up in regular classes at the appropriate level, and students in regular classes may make up in appropriate short courses.

Drop-ins are allowed for students who are currently enrolled and wish to take an extra class or for students who are not enrolled but have completed an equivalent level of alignment-based yoga. Class packages are treated as drop-in classes, but are purchased as a group and are only valid for a set time period after the date of purchase.

The following policies apply to both drop-in and class packages. After the first three weeks, drop-ins are not allowed in Yoga 1, Kids, or Teens classes unless the student has previously taken the class and still meets the requirements. Drop-ins are permitted ONLY in classes that are not filled. Please call to confirm there is space. For information about the short courses, Click Here.

Wear comfortable clothes: t-shirt or tank top, and long shorts, bicycle shorts, tights, or leggings. Please no baggy pants as they mask the alignment of the legs. Remove your shoes before entering the yoga rooms. No perfume or gum. Please do not eat 2-3 hours
before class. All props are supplied.

So as not to disturb other students, please turn off your phone when entering the yoga
center. If someone will need to reach you, please set your phone on vibrate and keep your phone near you while in class. No texting during class.

If classes have to be canceled due to inclement weather, there will be an announcement on the answering machine one hour before the class is scheduled to begin. If you hear our normal message, we are holding classes as usual.

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