News: Yoga Center Notes

  • From early October until the end of the session, we will collect food and personal items for Cornerstones' food pantry. Donations will be taken to Cornerstones weekly.

  • Our short courses and workshops are a great way to enhance your weekly yoga practice. Click here for workshops and short courses.

  • Private lessons are available. Please call (703) 435-1571 or email us at for information.

  • We need five registered students to hold a session of classes. If the course for which you have registered has fewer than five students, the class may be canceled. You will be notified and we will try to find another class for you.

  • All HAYC teachers have met RYT and/or E-RYT standards and are registered with the Yoga Alliance. For information about our teachers, please click Here.


    Due to a Facebook policy change, many people are not seeing our posts about yoga news, upcoming events, and inclement weather. If you would like to see all of our posts, you can add HAYC to a Facebook interest list. Interest lists appear on the left side of your Facebook page with the number of unread posts beside them. Clicking on the list name will bring up a page of the list’s posts.

    To add HAYC to an interest list, follow these steps:

    1. Go to the Health Advantage Yoga Center Facebook page
    2. If you have not "Liked" us, click on the Like button
    3. Hold your mouse cursor over the Like button and a drop down menu will appear.
    4. Choose an existing list or choose "+ New List..."
    5a. If you choose an existing list, you are finished.
    5b. If you choose to create a new list, follow the instructions in the pop up window. You can name your new list something easy to remember like HAYC or Yoga.

    For more information about interest lists see:

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