March 12, 2022

It has been almost two years since we closed our studio to in-person classes at the beginning of the pandemic. What was expected to be a short pause became a world-changing event that affected most aspects of our lives.

Our studio immediately began offering classes online and created a video library, both of which were much more successful than we had anticipated. After vaccines became widely available in May 2021, we began holding in-person classes again. We started with a small number of classes, and although attendance was low, our hope was to add more classes in the fall and eventually reinstate our regular sessions. However, with the Delta variant, that plan had to be postponed. We anticipated increasing our schedule again at the beginning of 2022. Unfortunately, the Omicron variant, which was just a mention in the news one day, became the top story in less than forty-eight hours. As COVID-19 cases climbed again, attendance understandably declined. Now, uncertainty about other possible variants makes planning for the future difficult.

Currently, we have ten in-person classes each week, and class sizes are small overall. This is a big difference than the fifty-seven weekly classes we were holding before the pandemic. Though our landlord has been very good to us, we have 6,000 square feet of space that we are barely using. Given our numbers, I do not believe that we will be able to grow back to our pre-pandemic in-studio capacity again.

Because of this, I have decided to move our classes fully online on April 16 and close our studio space on April 30.

This has been a difficult decision. When I started taking classes at HAYC in 1994, we had a smaller Green Room, a Peach Room with two steps in the middle where the Purple Room is now, and a narrow Blue Room that was about the size of the hallway leading to the current Blue Room. The spaces where the Rose Room and the Blue Room are now were owned by other companies. We have grown so much since then!

I remember my nervousness and excitement when I taught my first class in the Green Room in 1997. This was the room where I took my first HAYC class and where yoga finally “clicked” for me after five years of yoga classes at other locations. After I bought the studio in 2001, it became as familiar as my own home as I learned how to replace dimmer switches and thermostats, repair toilets and holes in walls, and run stereo wires through the attic.

When I think of the studio though, I picture those who came to fill it: the teachers, most of whom I’ve known for at least a decade; our staff, who have provided excellent behind the scenes support; and, of course, the students. In my classes, I have seen faces soften as the stress from a difficult day is replaced with calm by the end of class; frustration turn into acceptance as bodies change with injuries and age; the incremental but noticeable improvements to posture and ranges of motion; and the growth of confidence and smiles of victory when poses once thought impossible became attainable.

Most of all, I enjoyed watching friendships form as students came to class week after week and year after year. People met those on the mats around them, and, as classes became established, those friendships deepened, and classmates would share in life events from births of children and grandchildren to losses of loved ones. I have met hundreds of people with whom I probably would not otherwise have crossed paths, and I am grateful to have been part of so many lives.

Although the online classes are not the same, I am seeing connections form as we all have become more comfortable chatting through Zoom. We plan to continue to offer classes online and hope you will be joining us there and maybe at our next annual Mexico retreat! We also intend to maintain the video library as long as there is interest.

Thank you for your loyalty and support over the years and for being part of our wonderful community.


May 5, 2020


We have been closed for seven weeks. When we shut down suddenly on March 15, I had hoped we would
be closed for a few weeks, maybe a month, and then we would reopen and pick up right where we left off. I
paused the winter session with this in mind. I was sadly mistaken.

Though I hesitate to predict when and how we will reopen, it's clear that whenever we begin holding
classes again at the studio, we will not start back with a full schedule. I do not want anyone to return until
they personally feel it is safe to do so. This includes students, teachers, and staff. Restarting the winter
session on a set date and expecting everyone to come back immediately is not fair or reasonable.

I paused the winter session two days into the eleventh week of a fourteen week session. The weekend
classes had three weeks left, the weekday classes had four weeks left.

Over the next few weeks, we are going to close out the winter session and credit everyone's account for
their remaining classes. This will take some time because we need to go through each clipboard and credit
each person's account. If you are taking multiple classes, you may see the credit for one class appear in your account with the second class being credited a few days or a week later.

Once your credit is in your account, it can be used for online classes and videos. It may also be used towards
classes or workshops when we reopen.

To check your account:

  • If you have never logged in to our online system, or have forgotten your login
    information, click here

  • If you can log in, go to our online registration system at:

  • In the menu near the bottom of the page, choose My Account.

  • Log in

  • Below the title and above your personal information, any available credit will be
    displayed. (The dollar amount will have a negative sign in front.) It will look like this

If you have a credit due and do not see it online by May 15, please email us at, and we can confirm your adjustment total.

Make-ups for any classes you missed between January 4 and March 15, 2020 will be handled differently. When we go through the clipboards, we will record the number of classes each person missed and did not make up. When we reopen, you will be able to make up those classes in the studio through the end of 2020.

If you have any questions, please email me at

Thank you for your continued support,


April 15, 2020


We've been closed for a month. It feels like time has moved very slowly and yet somehow quickly too.

We are continuing to add new classes to our virtual schedule each week, with live classes streamed through Zoom and recorded classes on Vimeo. It has been a joy to connect with people we normally see every week, and also those who have moved away from the area who have returned for our online classes.

Today, the Patch wrote about us - Click Here!

I offer my sincere thanks to each of you as we navigate these uncertain times,



March 18, 2020


It is quiet in the studio, and we miss our students during this break. While holding classes in person isn't
currently a safe option, we are very excited to be able to offer yoga videos and even the occasional
online classes, taught by some of the HAYC teachers you know and love!

We are now posting videos on the workshop page of our website. If you have ever registered for a
workshop with us online, the process for getting a video download is the same. For those new to online
registration, instructions are posted at the top of our workshop page*.

Whenever we have new videos or classes, we will post an alert on our Facebook page, and they will also
appear as a workshop on our website.

We shall begin with a few short free videos and add to our video library over the next few weeks. Our
price structure is:
Short videos less than 15 minutes: Free
Half hour classes: $5.00
Forty-five minute classes: $7.50
Hour classes: $10.00

We thank you for your patience as we have worked to develop our video series in a way that provides
the same safe, quality instruction you find in our studio.

If you have questions or concerns, please email us at

Thank you. Please stay safe.


*For insurance purposes, our videos are password protected with student acknowledgement of our studio waiver upon registration.


March 15, 2020


We have been watching the news, and reading the messages from the local health department and the CDC. As the warnings about the coronavirus continue and the closures of schools, sporting events, and other activities that bring people into close contact are canceled, we feel it is best to close our studio after the last classes on Sunday evening, March 15.

Since this has happened fairly quickly, we are still working out the details and ask for your patience. Here are our thoughts at this point:
  • We do not know how long we shall remain closed. It will depend on what happens over the next week(s).

  • Our plan right now is to pause the winter session and continue it when we reopen. This means there will be four more weeks for those taking classes Monday through Friday, three more weeks for weekend students, and one more week for the teens and kids classes. If you have a package, we will extend the date by however long we are closed. If you have make-ups to do, there will be time.

  • Julie Gudmestad's workshop on March 28-29 is canceled. Later this week, we will send refund checks to everyone who is registered.

  • We are in the process of rescheduling or canceling the remaining winter session workshops and shall contact everybody who is signed up for one in the next few days.

  • Registration for the spring session is postponed.

  • We plan to create some online videos for those who would like to practice at home and shall send an email when we have a few to share.

    We will be in touch with more information as we have it.

    Please stay safe.

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